Prayer to hear God's voice.

Responding God, let me hear your voice today.

Woman in prayer for the quiet and noise filled moments so she can hear God's voice

May I hear it in the quiet spaces of my life—in silence and in solitude. May I hear it in the busyness of my life—in rushing and in noise.

Woman praying to hear God's voice in darkness, sadness, joy, and light.

May I hear it in the dark moments of my life—in sadness and in pain. May I hear it in the joyful moments of my life—in fellowship and in laughter.

Woman praying to God to hear in new places

(Continue to pray, offering God the places in your life where you have not yet heard the still small voice.)

Quiet Spaces the book by Patricia Wilson a Women's prayer and devotional resource

Click this image to read more from author Patricia Wilson in Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women.

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