Finding Sacred Spaces in Ordinary Places

You live in a busy world. You probably find yourself with endless projects to complete, places to go, and people to see. You have duties and responsibilities, jobs and appointments, chores and tasks, people clamoring for your attention, noise all around you, and the never-ending “hurry, hurry, rush, rush, go, go” mantra that plays in the back of your mind all day.

Facebook Image 960x720 'Any amount of time in God's presence is valuable'I’m sure you’ve often longed to get off of the wild merry-go-round that is daily living, to sit back, take a deep breath and just be. Even if you do find those few moments to pause from your hectic schedule, your brain is still busy, thinking of the day’s to-do list, worrying about bills, fussing over yesterday, and planning for tomorrow’s challenges. Not a whole lot of “being” goes on.

I’ve always been a busy person, and one of my greatest challenges has been to find time for God. During my day, I tend to pray on the run—asking for guidance in a waiting room or sending up a prayer for the person across the counter from me. I’ll say a quick prayer if an ambulance drives by or if a mother is trying to deal with a difficult toddler. But that’s not the kind of quality time with God that I want for myself.

How wonderful would it be if there were a place where my brain could shut off, allowing my inner self to connect with God? A place where five minutes could feel like an eternity and all the activities of the outside world simply faded away. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well, I’m here to offer you good news. I’ve discovered that you can create such a place in your life. This month on My Quiet Spaces, I’ll be discussing what constitutes a sacred space and how to find your own sacred space in an ordinary place. Whether it’s your favorite chair or a corner of your backyard, a park bench on the way to work or an empty room down the hall from your office—the setting doesn’t matter as much as the intent. How much time you spend in your own quiet space isn’t important either. Five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour—any amount of time can be valuable in God’s presence.

A place where five minutes could feel like an eternity, and all the activities of the outside world simply faded away. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

By setting a particular place for quiet time with God, you’re creating a habit and teaching your busy mind that when you’re in your sacred space, you’re putting everything else aside and allowing God to speak to you. It doesn’t take long before just being in your personal sacred space puts you into a prayerful state of mind. Your quality time of just “being” with God happens automatically. I call it “The God Habit.”

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