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Welcome! Here is what you need to know to get the most from this site.

First, watch as author Patricia Wilson introduces this unique spiritual resource. is written and curated by women to support and encourage busy women seeking quiet time with God. Inspired by Patricia Wilson’s book, Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, this site is intended to help you to the create the space for spiritual expression and faith practice that you crave. Whether you want a more focused prayer life, a new way to explore your spiritual journey, a chance to learn about spiritual writing, or a convenient place to find resources and ideas, we hope that will become a treasured destination. The intimate relationship with God you’ve yearned for is well within your grasp.

Now follow these simple guidelines.

At the start of each month, look on the right side of the home page (below the sliding panels) for a new theme based on content from Quiet Spaces or one of our other featured books. You do not need the featured book to gain something from this site, but is designed to boost your experience of each featured book, guiding you toward incorporating all you are learning into your daily life. Here is our current library.

Each week during the month, use the sliding panels on the home page to navigate to that week’s teaching. The weekly content takes a look at the monthly theme from a different perspective. You will discover suggestions on how to explore that perspective, including 1. guidance for reflection, 2. ways to pray, 3. creative expression of your spiritual journey, and 4. suggestions for sharing your faith experience with others. Along with learning about the current practice being covered, you will want to look through the Previous Themes archive, which is rich with theme-based writing, videos, and other resources.

If you participate in a small-group study or online community, consider using as a resource. You will find discussion questions and support materials to download.

My Quiet Spaces was created to be a place where women of different backgrounds and traditions could come together and take time to meet with God. While we always strive to use inclusive language for God and humanity on our website, we want the women who join us to use language that feels comfortable and natural to them. We ask that everyone be respectful of the views and opinions of others.

We hope you will find genuine connection with God and other women through this website, including those who make this online community possible– our authors, contributors, and the many women of My Quiet Spaces.


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