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Welcome to this community of support designed just for you.

Watch this video for an introduction to is a website that hosts weekly updates with conversation starters for discussion with family and friends, discussion questions great for online groups, creative expression ideas, and prayers. All content is created by women for women seeking to find and create quiet moments with God.

New content will be posted beginning on the first Sunday of every month. There will not be a separate set of weekly posts for months with five weeks.

For those who want to take a look at a single month’s content, we created a page that summarizes each month’s topic. This Related Resource page offers direct access to related posts, videos, and other content about a monthly theme. This is the perfect place to find topics or discussion questions for a small group or online community.

My Quiet Spaces is a place where women of different backgrounds and traditions can come together and take time to meet with God. While we always strive to use inclusive language for God and humanity on our website, we want the women who join us to use language that feels comfortable and natural to them. We ask that everyone be respectful of the views and opinions of others.

We hope you not only enjoy getting to know but also find genuine connection with God and other women through this website. Those who make this online community possible include our authors, content contributors, and the many women of My Quiet Spaces.

What are themes?

Every month we focus on a new topic related to the overall site. We call these topics themes and change them the first Sunday of each month.

What are theme categories?

As we post new content each week, the posts will be grouped under four categories. Each category is intended to guide you through a path we have developed for engaging with God in your own quiet spaces. Try one or all of these paths each week.

Why do I see "Read" notes at the end of every post?

Each month of content is inspired by or related to a book or resource from The Upper Room. These books and resources offer a deeper exploration of ways you can engage with God in your daily life. You can find more information on these books and resources on the Related Resources page for each month’s theme.

What are related resources?

The Related Resources page connects you to all the books, posts, videos, and images that are related to each month’s theme. Each book resource provides an excellent way to engage with the monthly themes outside of

Who writes the My Quiet Spaces content?

The idea for began with a book by Patricia Wilson, Quiet Spaces: Prayer Interludes for Women, but our content contributor base is always growing. We are seeking contributors whose content will fit within the scope of Quiet SpacesContact us if you have an idea for a monthly theme.

Who are the Women of Quiet Spaces?

We will be gathering feedback from as many women from as many walks of life during the conception, testing, and launch of We are thankful for every voice and opinion, and we will share those names and faces on the site. Click here to see the list.

Let us know how we are doing.

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