For Sabbath’s Sake

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Sabbath Questions for Groups

Brainstorm with your family, religious community, and anyone else in your life who can help you create space for sabbath. What can you do, separately or together, to ensure that at least part of the sabbath day stays free of...Continue reading

Sabbath Time Rearrangement

Your life’s circumstances and obligations may differ from your friends and neighbors. Sabbath is not one-size-fits-all. However, not all obstacles to sabbath are permanent and immovable. How can you rearrange your current schedule and obligations to create space for a...Continue reading

Making Space for Sabbath This Week

In solitude, write all the ways in which you can make space for sabbath in your week. What can you do during the remaining six days to ensure the seventh day is more free? How can you keep from making...Continue reading

Christmas Gift of Sabbath

Holy God, you gave me the gift of space and time through the sabbath. Help me to remember that when I number my days rightly, I live life abundantly, which is what you intend for me. Amen. Click this image...Continue reading
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