How can you color a prayer for a friend?

Read Chapter 2: Intercessory Prayer—Praying with Mandalas, pages 47–51

Staying Focused in Prayer


Staying Focused in Prayer

When you say to a friend, “I will hold you in my prayers,” how often do you find yourself distracted, and, despite your best intentions, how often do you forget to follow through? How can coloring while praying help you stay focused on the needs of your friend?

Intercessory Prayer Creative Expression

Creative Expression:

Intercessory Prayer

Think of someone you care for deeply, and write his or her name at the center of the intercessory prayer mandala. Consider his or her joys, concerns, needs, and celebrations—you may choose to write these in the outer circles of the mandala. As you color, pray that God’s love will find a way into his or her life. Download the intercessory prayer mandala.

An Open Heart Prayer Moment

Prayer Moment:

An Open Heart

Creator God, you have called me to love my neighbor as myself. Open my heart to my friends and neighbors around the corner and around the world. Help me to live and love as the person you have called me to be. Amen.

Offering Encouragement Discussion


Offering Encouragement

How can you encourage others to practice intercessory prayer? How can contemplative coloring offer an enjoyable way to follow through on your desire to hold others in prayer?